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Programmer and Designer

Graduated in Business Administration and currently taking a Bachelor of Science in Computing & Multimedia. I want to use my knowledge in humanities, programming, and design to offer the best of me to keep my clients happy.

My History

Born in São Paulo, I started working early when I was about 8 years old in the mechanical machining sector. Despite my age, it wasn't a problem to handle the existing machinery, in fact, it was a period of my life that helped me developing my character. Years later I knew could offer more of me to the company. This decision made me decide to take a Bachelor in Business Administration. When I finished my graduation it was the moment to seek new goals, new experiences so I came to Ireland to improve my English and to follow an old dream to be a programmer. Here I started my new degree course in Bachelor of Science in Computing & Multimedia and I'm making from this field my future.


I want to work in the IT field and at the same time improve my skills in programming and design. I intend to work for a big company where I can achieve my goals and also the ones from the company or even have my own business.


R. Gomes
Email: r.gomes90@hotmail.com
Mobile: +353 0899828021

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